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Home About Us November 11th News Items Rides Archive.

Ride Grading and Riders Responsibilities

We are now trying to grade our rides so that any potential new riders can pick a suitable ride to join us, anyone new to riding in a group, or never ridden our distances should try a D ride to start, you must also contact the ride leader prior to coming along. Anyone who often rides distances similar to those listed could try a C ride, but again you need to contact the ride leader.

Our definitions:-

Average Speed

D = under 10 mph average, an easy pace overall.

C = 10-12 mph average, relatively flat, just the odd ‘ouch’ of a climb!

B = 12-14 mph average, so faster, often further and maybe quite hilly!

Rides with ‘+/-’ being a variation, so C+ is hillier than a C and the ‘odd ouch’ listed above, a B- could be the same, or a fast, flat ride - ring the leader!!

Regular rides will be B or C, with hopefully one D ride a month, if we can!

See also this link: Group riding etiquette from Cycling UK

This page details a little of what to expect on a Cycling UK ride, our rides are very similar as we are an affiliated group of Cycling UK (formerly CTC).