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Home About Us November 11th News Items Rides Archive.

WIRRAL CYCLING GROUP Chairman's Report Oct 2016  

Many thanks for joining us at this new time.  

As you probably know we are unable to hire this venue on Sundays now.

We plan to finish this meeting before 9pm!   

During the year we again took part in the very successful Wirral Bikeathon helping to raise funds for Bloodwise. Many thanks to all who took part & particularly to Chris, Gill, Sue & Yvonne who assisted Sonia on the day and will take over from 2017-June 11th .  Thanks also to Ian Ritchie for doing the signs again.

The committee, as agreed at last AGM, considered Ian's request for a donation towards "Bikes for Africa".  After  discussion it was  agreed that this would be outside our WCG constitution and cannot be made.  Ian has been informed of this decision.

During the year we held a ride leader meeting.  It was well attended & we will probably repeat next year. We are very keen to try some more ride leader training courses and this may be expensive.  Ken has recently been on one of the latest Cycling UK courses which may be suitable for our group.

A big thank you to ALL our ride leaders, who take us on many varied and interesting routes, showing the delights of Wirral & beyond. Sonia, Kevin, Neil & Steve  have led many of our rides with 4 riders leading more than half of all rides.  

There were 18 Sunday rides in the year with an average attendance of 8.5 including the leader.  The highest attendance was 15. Wednesday saw 47 rides with an average of 12 and a highest of 20.  

Nearly all rides attracting 10 or more, other than winter rides

We have had feedback that some members are finding the pace of Wednesday rides a little too fast, so Kevin will be trying out some slower rides during November. We will always have rides that are of different pace so we will try to make this clear on the website and e-mails. The committee has also decided that no leader may lead more than 2 Wed rides in any month. This may mean some blank Wednesdays, particularly during the coming winter.  New ride leaders are always welcome.

During the year we welcomed Peter Williams back to riding with us & he is now leading some rides too-thanks Peter. We must also thank Neil & Steve for organising the ride timetables.

There was just the one week end away this year based in Llandudno. It was attended by 15 of us and we all enjoyed the rides & the  excellent weather.  

In 2017 we are likely to have another week-end away based in Harrogate. Date planned is May 5th to 7th, but keep an eye on the website. A Shrewsbury week end away in September is also possible.

On the communications front we continue to have Sonia's weekly e-mails together with the excellent website from Neil. Thanks also to Gill for the Facebook account, where we have around 50 active participants. The photos and ride reports are good fun, with Ian Hughes doing most of them. Thanks, Ian.

Many thanks to Neil for looking after Membership and Carolyn for Treasury and other matters. Carolyn is also a big help to me on many club matters.

During the year we have enjoyed two club meals plus the Christmas social hosted again by Sonia. The next Christmas "do" hosted  again by Sonia is planned for Wednesday 14th December. Our club meals are attended by around 20 members and it is a very good way of keeping in touch with some who do not often ride with us now.  Do you think it would be a good idea to have another Feb or March next year?

Finally we come to talk about presentations.   

As many of you know Kevin was presented with a very well-earned trophy at our recent club meal.  We have also commissioned a trophy for Rod Lester who led so many rides for us in the past; Kevin will take this round to Rod's home. We must also mention Maria Birch who was our treasurer for many years.  Maria also hosted lots of socials at her home, but is unable to join us on many rides now. We would now like to recognise Maria's efforts and present this trophy to Roland on Maria's behalf.  

We all know how much Sonia has done and continues to do for our club.  Perhaps you could join us at the front please Sonia. We  hope that you can find a place for this on your mantelpiece.

Andy Mace Chairman                    AGM Minutes with Treasurer and Membership reports