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Home About Us Sept 22nd Taking Part News Items Rides History Gallery 1 Gallery 2

Taking Part          Sunday and Wednesday rides lists

If you want to come along on one of our rides then all you really need to do is just turn up at the listed start, it really is as easy as that!

However there are some practical things to consider…

Most bikes are suitable, though very narrow tyres can be a bit uncomfortable on poorer road surfaces, we also suggest mudguards for poor weather, and on paths such as the Wirral Way but as long as you ride at the back and don’t splash us we don’t insist ;-)

All we ask is that your bike is safe and roadworthy and that you carry a puncture repair kit, and ideally a spare inner tube (a much quicker fix) - but don't worry about having to do it yourself as someone will always be happy to help you.

This page usually has click-able links to some basic ride details, start point, destination and distance, and then perhaps actual route etc, and we also include a link to the leaders contact details, so that you can get more information if required, the best time to get full and hopefully final information is actually only a couple of days before a ride, this gives the leader a chance to get a weather forecast and have the opportunity to check the route with the weather in mind.

Our rides usually have a lunch stop, either at a cafe or somewhere for a picnic - sometimes both options are available fairly close to each other. We always advise you have a drinks bottle with you, and perhaps snacks if you like to nibble often.

Distances we ride vary, leaders can advise on the planned total and if any easy options exist to take a shortcut home (Merseyrail?) you can leave the ride at any point you want, perhaps a shortcut you know, or an easy route towards home (Wirral Way?) BUT you must tell us before you leave!!

Don’t think we are manic road warriors, we usually average just 10-12 mph, so your saddle comfort matters so much more than your fitness!

We will not leave anyone behind but if you are struggling with our modest speed please let someone know and we can probably split an experienced rider from the group to stay with you, allowing the majority of the group to stay together, or perhaps we can guide you to a station or somewhere to rest.

We can always suggest other groups or ideas for building up stamina if our speed seems beyond you - very few people have ever struggled with us!

You will not be required to become a member for your first couple of rides, after that you must join for our leaders liability insurance to remain valid. You can join by visiting this joining page for an application form and details on how to pay, membership is only £5 per year.