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Home About Us June 17th News Items Rides Archive.

News pages feature items that may be of interest to members, items can be news, events, humour or whatever. Anyone can submit items for inclusion by email to our usual email address:- wirralcycling@gmail.com

Membership Secretary Report November 2016

This last year we have seen our membership numbers increase slightly from 69 to 70 members which is good to see. Unfortunately, we lost 15 members many of whom we hadn’t seen out on the road for some time, but it is really good that we have got 16 new members most of whom are regular riders with the club. Some of these riders have heard of the group through Breeze or Bicycle Belles others have found us through Internet searches. Of our 70 members 21 are Rides Leaders and we are always looking for more if anyone is interested.

To date 40 members have paid their membership for the coming year and we hope some more may pay today!

Looking at the rides lists for the last few months it is great to see that we have a core of about 40 members who are regularly out on rides and will hopefully continue to be out with us over the coming months and years

At the last AGM we announced a new initiative whereby Andy or myself would go out on a Saturday with anyone (mainly men probably as Breeze fulfils the gap for women) who wanted to return to cycling but thought our rides would be too difficult for them. Unfortunately, there has been no take up for this initiative but it will still be an option if requested.

If anyone has any other thoughts on how we increase/maintain our membership, please let the committee know as we are always open to any suggestions.


Membership Secretary