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Bike Marking with British Transport Police

Recently the club was approached by an officer from BTP offering to frame mark all our bikes (for free!) in an effort to defeat the increase in thefts that they are seeing in and around the Merseyrail network.

The marking process uses a special ink to mark the frame, when combined with the National Cycle Database it makes recovery of a stolen bike much more likely, whilst all bikes have unique frame numbers they are hardly ever recorded and in truth often difficult to read (under bottom bracket generally) so an easier and more high tech solution is quite appealing!

If anyone is interested then let me know and if we get enough interest I’ll arrange for us to meet BTP officers, probably before/during/after a club ride and get as many bikes done as needed. Drop me a >Bike Marking< email

BTP also have a pre-planned marking date for those who can’t wait:-

Monday July 30th at West Kirby Station from 16:30 to 18:30, the process takes 10 minutes and is suitable for virtually all frame materials and finishes

See for more details of the product used.