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Home About Us June 17th News Items Rides Archive.

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Treasurers Report November 2016

Another successful year for the group with a surplus of £176.35 at the end of the financial year

On the income side you will see membership income up again this year to £330, with membership increasing from the previous year by one member to 70 members. Neil will say more on membership shortly.

Once again we were pleased to receive a donation of £175 from the Bikeathon and thanks must go to everyone who helped on the day.

On the expenditure side we have continued to see reductions in spending on postage, stationery and copying with the vast majority of communications now being done via the Internet. A donation of £80 was given to the Red Cross as a number of our members attended a First Aid course earlier in the year. The cost of CTC liability insurance for the club remains at £75.00 per year and new batteries were purchased for the club radios at a cost of £36.65

Within the miscellaneous expenditure of £157.00 is travel costs to the CTC conference last year, the room hire for the AGM, food for the Christmas party at Sonia's house, small gift to Andy for organizing the very successful weekend away and flowers for Sonia as a sign of our appreciation of her hard work for the club throughout the year.

Looking ahead the committee have agreed that the club will cover the costs of small commemorative gifts to a number of people as a sign of our appreciation for their commitment to the club. I am not sure the club would still be here without their work over many years. We will again be covering the cost of the Christmas party food at Sonia's on Wednesday 14 December and an email will come out in due course regarding this.

At the end of the year we have a balance of £1787.75 in our bank account and we are in an excellent position again to consider any ideas from members for expenditure that is within our constitution. However it may well be that if we decide to ahead with more Leader training courses we could be looking at a deficit at the end of the next financial year, unless our income goes up from lots of new members.

Carolyn Ross-Jones