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Home About Us March 17th News Items Archive

The omens weren’t good given the Ladies Open was on - and had already lost a day due to poor weather!

Well not to be beaten we all set off in a light drizzle inland (not difficult from a coastal location!!) making our way through mostly back roads to Thornton Hough for a quick break before continuing through to Ellesmere Port Boat Museum.

The ride from Hoylake was 25 miles and other than an initial 5 minutes of drizzle it was a good day for a ride expect perhaps for the wind on occasion.

Sat overlooking the Ship Canal in rather nice weather yet with reports of the golf being squally was somewhat bizarre!

After lunch some people chose to return home via the train, other rode back along our initial route to get home, the remaining riders instead followed the planned route along the river towards Birkenhead before branching off home when needed.

Route stats are here