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Home About Us June 17th News Items Rides Archive.

Our AGM was held on 8 Nov 2015 and some notes follow.

Our group have been involved in providing marshals for one quarter of the route of the Wirral Bikeathon since it started in 1999. During this time almost £00k has been raised to support Leukaemia Research.  We are very grateful to Sonia who has been coordinating our group efforts for many years.  We are now hoping that others in our group will be able to assist Sonia next year and take over altogether from 2017.

The following members of our group were thanked for their efforts;

Sonia for the bikeathon and providing weekly e-mails, and for hosting events at her home   Fellow committee members All our ride leaders, who do such a good job.             Steve and Neil for coordinating Wednesday and Sunday rides lists  

Kevin, assisted by Beryl & Steve for organising York  Tony and Sonia for organising the Ludlow weekend       

Gill for setting up the new Facebook page   Neil for our terrific website, that is updated so regularly from outside UK

Carolyn who does a great job as Treasurer and gets involved in many other areas.

Oh and as ever Merseyrail for the "Wetherspoons Express"

During the last year we have been without some of our regular ride leaders and are relying on a smaller number of leaders.  We have welcomed Gill & Chris as new leaders -thank you.  It is very important that all riders support and help leaders, particularly when they are new to the role.  I know from my own experience that it takes time to gain the confidence to lead rides. We particularly need more riders to volunteer as leaders please.

We enjoyed reports from the following group members;

Carolyn presented a detailed summary of our finances, highlighting that we continue to be in a good state of health.

Neil presented an interesting membership report highlighting actions to increase membership.

Kevin talked about rides and week end away.  In 2016 the week end away is to be in Llandudno.

Tony talked about our Ludlow weekend away. With another planned for Shrewsbury for 2016.

Ken talked about Merseyside CTC, and Janet Gregory updated us about CTC nationally

  During 2016 we plan to hold another bike workshop, presented again by Kevin

  Our committee is now made up as follows.

  Carolyn Ross-Jones    Treasurer                    Neil Ross-Jones          Membership Secretary (& Website)

  Barbara Murdoch        Secretary                   Gill Fachiri                 Committee member (+Facebook)

  Maria Birch                Committee member    Roland Birch               Committee member                     

  Ken Mullin                 Committee member     Andy Mace                  Chairman

We plan to hold the next AGM at the same venue, not Sunday as the venue is booked.

The date is Mon evening 31 Oct

Best wishes for Christmas and 2016.

Finally, I look forward to seeing you on our forthcoming rides and at our social events.

Andy Mace